Excerpts from The Day of Awakening
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The Need for Vision (Ch. 6, “The Need for Vision”)

“Out of the fullness of the Heart of Love, the mouth will speak.”

A Call to Arms (Ch. 21, “The Call of the Eternal")

 "The Call of the Eternal, for man to return to his true home in Christ."

The Peacemaker (Ch. 6, “The Need for Vision")

"Teaching and living Principle and Truth in the Temple of Life."

A Healing Influence (Ch. 8, “A Healing Influence")

“Maintaining freedom and integrity in the world.”

The New Day (Ch. 27, “The New Day”)

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.”

Aught Against Thee (Ch. 23, “Understanding Forgiveness”)

“Before you come to the altar to pray.”

True to Ourselves (Ch. 1, "A Process of Introspection")

“Unto thine own Self be thou true.”

Mellowed by Love (Ch. 17, “The Path of Surrender”)

“The challenge is in fearlessly being willing to be selfless.”

Raising Our Vision (Ch. 12, “Nothing Is Real”)

“Disengaging ourselves from the world of material sense.”

One Power, One Presence (Ch. 10, “Principle in Practice”)

“Humanhood unmasked; Christhood unveiled.”

A Place of Transcendence (Ch. 23, “Understanding Forgiveness”)

“To truly forgive, we must transcend forgiveness.”

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